In Literary on August 14, 2009 at 2:19 pm

Inspirational book along the lines of Tuesdays With Morrie — only in this case the wise sage character is a gay hustler named Chip.  Main character is a Joe Everyman type, a middle-aged businessman who finds himself alone, disappointed with life, and wondering what it’s all been for.  One night, on a long lonely walk, he finds himself in a part of town he’s never been to before.  He walks into a bar and meets Chip.  They strike up a friendship, and Chip shares with him the wisdom gained in 20 years of turning tricks on five continents, wisdom about life, love, and letting go that gives Joe’s life new inspiration.  His salty plainspoken advice has helped millions of people achieve prosperity, love, and gratitude for the everyday blessings of life.  Isn’t it time you met Chip?


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