In Misc. on August 14, 2009 at 2:24 pm

One-on-one fighting video game where the characters you play are supercute cartoon baby animals, each one cuter than the last.  The fights are baby seal vs. baby chick,or teeny widdle kitten vs. baby turtle, mercilessly kicking the shit out of each other.

Or: Babywars.  One-on-one fight game of (human) baby vs. baby.  They are in a diaper or in some darling baby outfit.  Some boys feature flowing girl-style curls like in Victorian photos.  Mom or dad are just hands, placing baby in the ring and giving them a little pat.  Then the brutal thowdown commences, complete with special moves, etc.

  1. absolutely. then they would hug and make up? the squishy baby walrus and the fluffy little pingy would be friends? yes? then i like.

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