In Misc. on August 24, 2009 at 12:51 pm

Sometimes a good cry makes you feel much better afterwards.  But it’s so difficult to cry by yourself.  For this purpose, crying porn could be available on various websites.  The would-be crier can cue up whichever video suits the crying need best: a maternal woman saying “There, there… it’s alright..” or a little kid saying, “It’s OK to feel sad.  I feel sad too sometimes.”  Or just an older guy looking at the camera with an expression of paternal love and getting choked up wordlessly.

  1. I need this to be a reality. But you should also include a catalyst section. Video clips like the emotionally charged scene from ‘The Notebook’ where its pouring rain and the guy yells, “It wasn’t over! It *still* isn’t over!”

    You know, for when you want to quickly rub one out before your fiancé/roommate/mother returns from the grocery store.

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