In Movies on August 27, 2009 at 5:25 pm

Movie: Three terrorists in a “sleeper cell” are on their way to New York City.  In their van is some very bad bomb.  But they take a wrong turn and end up in rural Pennsylvania, and before they can turn around, they get into an accident.  The van and the device are damaged, and they have no choice but to stay in the closest town — an all-American little burg where folks are just plain folks — until they can get replacement parts.  Kind of like Doc Hollywood.  The three jihadis settle into the routines of the charmingly quirky little town and even start to be accepted by the townspeople — all but the leader, a humorless zealot who sees the mark of Satan in everything around him.  This creates tension among them — most of all when the youngest of the three finds himself falling in love with a waitress at the local diner…and with America itself.  Now he must choose between the woman he loves and the city he’s vowed to destroy…

  1. A slam dunk at the box office.

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