In Movies on September 8, 2009 at 5:07 pm

Movie: “Monkeysitter.”  Sort of, “Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s a Monkey.”  We are introduced to a loving but quirky couple, late thirties.  Three kids.  He’s a scientist, she’s a lawyer.  At the point the movie starts, she has decided to finally go back to work, after taking ten years off for the kids.  During this time, they moved for Dad’s work, he was always at the office, etc.  Now it’s finally her turn.  He does experiments for the government on monkeys, by the way.  She is about to go away for a full month for her new job, a great event for her; but Dad, being the obsessed scientist he is, can’t bear to take time off to look after the kids while she’s away, as agreed.  His solution is to borrow one of the lab chimps to be the nanny — not just any monkey, but a monkey that has been rendered superintelligent by his own lab’s experiments!  The monkey cooks the kids three-star meals, drives them to soccer practice dressed as a human, etc.  But they run into trouble when the monkey’s animal instincts come out, for instance when it sees the ref making a bad call and begins hurling its feces at him, etc.

  1. I know two children who would love to star in this movie. One of them could double as the chimp, thereby avoiding any tiresome animal rights complaints.

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