In Movies on September 25, 2009 at 7:14 pm

Movie or book inspired by the premise of The Da Vinci Code, among others, that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and had children.  Here, however, these children, like so many offspring of the great, were utterly ordinary.  Their descendants continued the tradition of averageness as the family moved through the Middle East to Europe and the New World.  Most of them now live in Cleveland.  They know that they are descended from JC, but in a family-lore kind of way, not thinking it’s very important.  They have “heirlooms” which to others would be the holiest of holy relics.  Jesus’s wedding ring, etc.  They go about their business, bothering no one, until one day, perhaps because of one of these heirlooms, they are drawn into a terrible plot of world-historical importance involving the pope, illuminati, rosicrucians, etc.


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