In Misc. on October 5, 2009 at 5:09 pm

Long-overdue addition to big-city subways: improved audio.  The generic beep! when you swipe your card, for example, should be replaced, in newer machines, by animal sounds.  Cows, sheep, goats, ducks.  At rush hour all the tones would join together into a great mooing or bleating.  In order to increase MTA usage and morale, one out of every 10,000 swipes would win a cash prize.  Instead of “Go”, it would say “You win!”

And in addition: the recorded announcements telling you about random searches, etc. should not be the same bland man’s voice and the same bland woman’s voice every time.  Instead, they could be in a variety of colorful accents.  Scottish, Jamaican.  French, Cockney.  “Oi!  This is an impor’ant message…etc.”


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