In Movies on October 11, 2009 at 5:04 pm

Jokes: The Movie.  A Hollywood movie dramatizing various classic jokes.  Most of them off-color, as most jokes are.  Big budget; A-list stars.

Overhead shot: we see an Iowa wheatfield, the golden stalks lit by the glow of a late-summer sunset.  Weaving its way between the amber waves of grain is a lone car.  Cut to the car.  George Clooney behind the wheel.  The engine sputters, Clooney curses.  Gets out of the car, puts on his hat, and walks down the road to a nearby farmhouse.   Etc. etc.  Farmer’s daughter played by Jessica Simpson.

The jokes would be loosely linked, one after another.  Different versions of The Farmer’s Daughter, Men-Walk-Into-A-Bar, etc. would occur throughout the movie and provide a kind of structure, although there would be no continuous narrative.


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