In Movies on October 13, 2009 at 11:47 am

Scene in a movie: a low-speed car chase.  Both cars are pieces of shit — a tiny, rusty Citroen, an old Nissan that barely drives, painted some odd color, something like that.  Both drivers, just like in all the great car chase scenes, go all out, flooring the gas, jerking on the parking brake to make the cars do crazy turns, their jaws clenched and faces pouring sweat as they break every traffic law in the mad pursuit.  But they are still passed on both sides by commuters, who yell abuse at them for getting in the way.  Sparks pour continuously from one car.  The other makes a terrible wheezing sound as it (barely) accelerates.  Finally the pursuer abandons his car and chases the other one down on foot.

  1. awesome.

  2. maybe include a cameo appearance by the (now famous) babysitter chimp. He can join in the chase, feces flying.

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