In Misc. on November 14, 2009 at 2:47 pm

Character in a comedy or skit: Gary the Chatty Cowboy.  Cowboys, once represented as exclusively white and male, can now be black, Native American, women, or gay — but they cannot be chatty.  This is the last cowboy taboo.  Friendly Gary drives his cowboy pardners crazy with his incessant chatting.  His grizzled buddy Hank tries to set him straight:

“Gary, I gotta tell you.  You can rope a steer put-near better’n any man I know.  You can take that herd from here to Oklahoma and not lose one heifer.  But if you don’t quit talkin’ so dang much, won’t nobody hire you this side a the Pecos!”

“Well gosh, Hank — I didn’t think I talked so much…maybe more’n the average amount, I guess, although how you’d calculate that I’m not sure.  Maybe with some kind of survey –”

“Gary!  You’re a cowboy.  That means one thing: you got to be taciturn.  Short-spoken.  Laconic.  Man of few — dammit!  Now you got me doin’ it!”



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