In TV on November 19, 2009 at 12:39 pm

Reality TV show: The Devil.  Subjects’ names have been supplied by their friends and family — “Do you know someone who is having a crisis of faith or is beginning to doubt their religious beliefs?”  They are told only that they are participating in a show that explores issues of religion and science.

The host is a zealous atheist; but unlike Dawkins, Hitchens, etc., he is charming, funny, and likeable.  Over the course of each episode, under the guise of respectfully challenging the subjects’ (already-wavering) beliefs, this host tries to persuade them that religion is a lie, God doesn’t exist, and that they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by putting their faith solely in science and the will of man.  Their judgement dulled by other persuasive people, famous guests, cute puppies, free food and alcohol, etc., the subjects are pressured into signing a document formally renouncing their belief.  On the show, silly horn, tail, and brimstone special effects are occasionally added, and the host winks at the camera.

“The week on The Devil: Margie is a single mother of four whose father was a Baptist minister.  But when her new boyfriend didn’t share her beliefs, Margie started to doubt.  When our team of tempters comes to town, will her faith stay strong, or will her soul be cast?  Tuesday at nine.”


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