In Misc. on November 25, 2009 at 9:15 pm

At the gym: a video display at the treadmill that shows graphics of someone you’re chasing.  A guy who stole your wallet; a beautiful woman in skimpy shorts; Osama Bin Laden (who leers back and gives you the finger or burns a miniature American flag and tosses it over his shoulder).  Or, instead of chasing someone, you could be running away from killers, rapists, or zombies.  This would motivate anyone to really push themselves and work out their very best.

  1. I might also appreciate being transported to Pamplona, running like a crazy person through the streets as sharp horns inch near my butt. And, to further enhance the virtual experience, a mechanical arm with a pointed appendage attached to the treadmill might occasionally reach around and actually graze me, giving an extra boost to my motivation.

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