In Movies on December 28, 2009 at 8:44 pm

Animated movie set in the afterlife.  Twin brothers, one good, one bad, meet after a number of years apart — and then are hit by a bus and die at the same time.  Because of a clerical error (in the gray world of purgatory in which all the afterlife’s bureaucracy is handled), they get mixed up after death.  The good one goes to hell, where he makes friends with a pudgy, anxious, good-hearted little demon who the other demons always pick on.  The bad one goes to heaven and sneaks cigarettes with a lazy, seedy angel.  Meanwhile, some plot is unfolding involving the portals through which residents of the afterworlds observe and influence the life of the living and the unfinished affairs of the two brothers on earth (some family or love trouble). Eventually, the clerical error comes to light, and the good brother is told to take his rightful place up above.  But being so good, he refuses to cast his brother into hell.  The bad brother, though, has already come forward on his own to point out the mistake and get his brother out of hell.  So they both go to heaven; only their two angel friends are reassigned to their proper locations and switch places.


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