In Movies on February 23, 2010 at 1:44 pm

Movie: Black Mossad.  A faux-blaxploitation revenge fantasy a la Inglorious Basterds.  Set in the 70s.  A group of black men, disillusioned with the civil rights movement, decide that if the Israelis can track down and assassinate former Nazis living in Uruguay then they can do the same to ex-lynchers in Mississippi.  Their mastermind is a little old grandmother who funds them with the money from her husband’s life insurance policy.  They train, make a list, then go and get the job done.   Of course, some of the picturesque racists they take on (hats, bolo ties, Colonel-Sanders-style mustaches) provide more of a challenge than they expected, being expert not just with a wide array of guns but with other weapons too: knives, compound bows, sabers first forged for the Civil War and kept cleaned and polished ever since…


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