In Literary on October 8, 2013 at 7:25 pm

Young adult book. Children, lost in the mall at age four or five and never found again, turn out not to have been abducted by killers but to have found their way to a long-closed department. There they have flourished in much the same way that discarded pet alligators were said to flourish in the sewers. Now junior-high age, they live in almost Victorian innocence and refinement of manners, wearing outdated fashions, their home furnished with the most expensive mall offerings of the past decade. At night they steal out onto the grand concourse, where they promenade arm in arm, making each other Cinnabons and Orange Julius and shoplifting skillfully. One day our hero or heroine, left at the mall late after missing their ride, catches a glimpse of one of these shy but beautiful mall dwellers — and decides they must find out if the legends are true.


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