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Reference work for bookish people who can’t be bothered to learn the names of objects associated with the natural world, trades, architecture, etc. Book features illustrations of each object in alphabetical order, beneath which is not just a definition but an appropriate quotation from a great work of literature. Russian novels very helpful for alders, aspens, beeches and birches. Later Philip Roth a good source for bevels, flanges, socket wrenches, etc.


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Young adult book. Children, lost in the mall at age four or five and never found again, turn out not to have been abducted by killers but to have found their way to a long-closed department. There they have flourished in much the same way that discarded pet alligators were said to flourish in the sewers. Now junior-high age, they live in almost Victorian innocence and refinement of manners, wearing outdated fashions, their home furnished with the most expensive mall offerings of the past decade. At night they steal out onto the grand concourse, where they promenade arm in arm, making each other Cinnabons and Orange Julius and shoplifting skillfully. One day our hero or heroine, left at the mall late after missing their ride, catches a glimpse of one of these shy but beautiful mall dwellers — and decides they must find out if the legends are true.

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Book compiling inaccurate predictions throughout history. Quotations from important people making statements that were proved false in 1000 years or in a few hours.

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Inside Magazine. For indoor kids. Features articles on chess, novels, allergies. Regular “Indoor Voices” column, etc.

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Article idea: hipsters who keep alive the dying art of writing old-fashioned hate mail. Some go so far as to use fountain pens, stationery from defunct hotels, and outdated ethnic slurs.

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Science fiction novel set in the distant future year of… 1999. Instead of SUVs, an internet bubble, and the new Star Wars movies, this version of that year would feature the technological wonders we were supposed to have had by that time: floating cities, invisibility pills, machine-aided ESP, etc.

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Book: Bible Zingers. Crushing putdowns and snappy comebacks from the old and new testaments. iPad app is great for “Comments” feuds.

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Book: “If We Did It”.  Controversial best-seller by Council of Rabbis on the death of Jesus.

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Book: “Nowadays.”  Book consisting entirely of quotations that begin “Nowadays,” or “These days,” or “In our time…” etc.  Vivid examples of how people in every era, from the Greeks on, believed that their own age was hopelessly corrupt, mediocre, or both, and how things have been going continuously to the dogs since the beginning of civilization.

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Book: Monks to Watch Out For.  Profiles of various high-achieving monks from around the world.  Buddhist, Trappist, all kinds of monks.  This one has made prize beer for over 25 years; this one has made a certain epic pilgrimage across Asia 13 times (a world record); this one takes gorgeous pictures of nothing but water, etc.