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In Movies on July 28, 2012 at 10:11 pm

Movie about a Nigerian guy, a minor bureaucrat, bank officer or lawyer, who discovers someone’s unclaimed inheritance sitting in some sort of legal limbo. It would be easy to take the money for himself, and his family and colleagues, expecting generous cuts, urge him to do this. But the man is honest and believes the the money should go to its rightful owner. The sole heir of the┬ádeceased and rightful inheritor of this fortune is an American for whom he can only find a name and an email address. When multiple emails go unanswered, the Nigerian clerk sets out for America, accompanied by some wacky friend or family member. On the way he finds adventure, love, and perhaps even his own little piece of the American dream.


In Misc. on July 5, 2012 at 1:30 pm

Character: Drill sergeant cruise leader.

“Are you ready to party?”

(Mild cheers)

“That was pathetic! This has got to be the biggest bunch of tightasses I have ever seen! I said are you losers ready to party??”

(Later, dancing)

“We are not doing the cha-cha! We are not doing the do-si-do! We are dancing to house music!”

(Begins gyrating furiously, pumping arms above his head)

“In ’99, when I was stationed in a little place called Ibiza, we did this eight hours a night, seven nights a week! Now get out there and shake it!”